Professor Damien Lynch specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of ailments affecting the entire gastrointestinal tract (including gullet, stomach, liver, digestive and bowel problems) using advanced diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic techniques.

As a specialist physician, Damien consults patients with various gut problems (including gullet, stomach, liver, digestive and bowel problems) to investigate and diagnose the cause of their symptoms employing various investigations including gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Damien has particular experience and expertise in a wide range of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic upper (gastroscopy) and lower (colonoscopy) gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures, and also has experience in oesophageal physiology work (oesophageal pH and manometry techniques).

Once diagnosed Damien can then treat the patient as quickly and efficiently as possible in a comfortable and professional environment, and will also follow up his patients after treatment to ensure their continued well-being.

As a Consultant General Physician and Gastroenterologist of nearly 30 years Damien has a particular experience in looking after patients with a variety of symptoms or conditions.

Symptoms such as mouth ulcers; bad breath; problems with belching; poor appetite and weight loss; heartburn, indigestion or wind; swallowing problems; chest pains not due to the heart; stomach or gut (abdominal) pains; sickness (nausea) and vomiting; abdominal swelling or bloating or noisiness; jaundice and liver problems; loose stools (diarrhoea), constipation or other bowel problems; bleeding from the back passage.

Damien is experienced in looking after patients with gullet problems (oesophageal strictures or spasm); Hiatus hernia problems; Stomach and duodenal ulcers; Helicobacter pylori (the germ that causes ulcers); Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Coeliac disease; Liver diseases; Pancreatic diseases; Gallstone problems; Gut infections (including food poisoning); Crohns disease; Ulcerative colitis; Microscopic (and other rare causes) colitis; nutritional problems.

If you are suffering from any of the above problems or conditions mentioned on this page and wish to book a private consultation please contact his secretary at Beardwood Hospital on 01254 507607 or by e-mail at – a GP referral is not always necessary.